Crasner Capital joins the movement to transform the flow of funding for female founded businesses

By 10th December 2019Uncategorised

Diversity and inclusion sits at the core of our business, and we are frequently attending and sponsoring D&I events that raise awareness and drive discussion of these important values. As part of our continued efforts, Crasner Capital and Crasner Ventures attended a hugely insightful conference about Equality in Venture Capital Funding at the London Stock Exchange.

‘Funding Focus’, founded and hosted by David B Horne and sponsored by Reed Smith LLP and Four Communications aims to blaze an enduring path for female founders in order to address the unequal funding that is currently received by female led businesses.

Advancing female entrepreneurship represents a £250bn opportunity for the UK economy, but currently, for every £1 of VC funding in the UK, only 1p goes to all female management teams, whilst an astonishing 89p goes to all male management teams. Moreover, 83% of deals that UK venture capitalists made last year had no women on the founding teams. These astonishing statistics have created the hashtag#fightforfairerfunding, and we are proud to champion this cause to strive for gender equality in business investments for female founders.