Crasner Capital hosts the Eurasia Group for a geopolitcal briefing session

By 29th January 2020Uncategorised

Crasner Capital proudly hosted the Eurasia Group for an insightful briefing session.

The Eurasia Group is global leader in political risk analysis and supports investors and intermediaries on complicated political landscapes of specific countries.

The Crasner Capital team were briefed by David Gordon who was previously the Chief Economist for the CIA and Director of Policy Planning in the US State Department.

The session discussed the impact of geopolitics on financial markets, as well as the importance of political due diligence during the course of M&A transactions. The session covered our key geographies including as Kenya, Nigeria and Indonesia.

In our increasingly complex geopolitical environment, keeping pace with macroeconomic drivers and continually developing our knowledge in these aspects remains an important part of our service to our clients. We are constantly attending seminars, and also hosting at our offices, well regarded research personnel active in our industries and geographies to keep our finger on the pulse.