Crasner Capital attends Pariti and TechCabal’s ‘Bullish on Africa’ Conference

Crasner Capital attended Pariti and TechCabal‘s ‘Bullish on Africa’ conference which included insightful discussions around the impact of the pandemic and the future of Africa’s tech sector.

Kola A. of Ventures Platform spoke about his bullish outlook on the opportunities presented by the downturn, such as venture firms backing moonshot solutions that will accelerate the ability to educate Africans, cost the cost of connectivity, and innovate around creating prosperity and opportunities for work. Examples cited include Tambua Health and Trove .

Anti-fragility on the Continent was also highlighted as a positive pull factor for investment, by veteran investor Eghosa Omoigui of EchoVC Partners.

Amandla Ooko-Ombaka, author of McKinsey & Company’s COVID19 reports, spoke about supporting unformalised African SME’s, and economical improvements, such as a bounce-back in Kenyan food exports that are at 70% of pre-COVID levels, and the stability of the agricultural sector. Amandla also spoke to the 3 elements needed in a COVID response – being localisation, scalability and regulation (which is topical given the need for inclusive tech and accessibility, especially in the informal sector).